6 Proven Reasons Why Dating an Average Woman is Dope

Dating an average Jane: they’re real, charming, and ignored by all. That means more for you!

  1. THEY LOOK LIKE THEMSELVES–  From the moment of conception to present time.  Want proof? Just ask them for baby pictures. SHOW ME. YOUR BABY PICTURES.giphy (1).gif
  2. THEY’RE LOW MAINTENANCE– Chances are you aren’t going to be waiting for them at the hair and nail salon for hours on end. They’re efficient and money conscious. Hair and nails will probably be done at home, by their roommate Jamal. Who’s still in beauty school.giphy (2).gif
  3. THEY’LL PAY FOR HALF– You don’t need to sweat profusely about who’s going to pay for those extra shots of Jim Beam at the bar. Don’t worry. The average girl is fair and fun. She’ll pay for half. #Bossgiphy (3).gif
  4. CAN GET WET– In the literal ..wait a minute. Let me rephrase this. They can swim and get wet in the rain, with no fear of their faces melting off. #Boss.giphy (5).gif
  5. NO DIETARY RESTRICTIONS– Throw out the low carb, vegan, and gluten out of your vocabulary. These girls are 100% real. They don’t worry about the chemicals that are injected into their burgers or steak that will possibly give them cancer during their golden years. No sir. They’ll eat GMO anything. So long as it tastes good and is easy to pronounce.giphy (6).gif
  6. THEY HAVE PERSONALITIES – Hooters for brunch maybe? Strip clubs for dinner? Probably funny too. These girls don’t worry about the competition. They’re like bros. Might even out drink you. They’ll have great ideas for things to do and won’t put restrictions on what they can’t or can’t wear. They’re that cool.giphy (7).gif

Happy hunting, toodles!


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