Punch Yourself in the Throat-Free First Date Ideas

Prevent bodily harm by simply trying these five first-date ideas. Fun & cheap, that will keep your throat bruise-free. You’re welcome.

giphy (6)
HUH?.. You know what I’m talking about breakers. You’re undecided on what to wear and what to say on the first date. Although I can’t be with you the day of (because that would be incredibly awkward), I can, however, provide you with some great ideas for a perfect date.
*Silvia’s Random Tip*– If you truly want to get to know the person, try to sit or stand beside them.  Typically during dinner, you sit across from each other. This feels more like an interrogation (am I right?) Ex: “Where are you from, what do you do, WHO THE HELL ARE YOU SLEEPING WITH?! …Oh..You get my drift.
1. A City Park (Price: free- like dirt free)  Don’t go to the one with the screaming kids n’stuff.  I’m talking about the one where there’s an abundance of trees, birds, and grass. Nature in all it’s wealth. I live in New York City and for me, it would be the timeless Central Park. I could stroll down all areas of it, see the dogs people walk and or joggers, and sometimes they have free shows. giphy (1).gif
#Why though? You are trying to get to know someone, duh. It can be a bit isolating if you only have a piece of sodium injected steak and old rusty wine in front of you. Plus, wouldn’t you prefer to know the real person before you meet the inebriated one? You want to know who you’re dealing with, and you want to have outside distractions to create effortless conversations. It’s perfect trust me, I’m a blogger who is struggling to pay her bills.
2.Skating/Rollerblading (Price: Under 50.00) DONT. CLICK AWAY! Just hear me out. Please? Do you ever recall a memory where you embarrassed yourself, and suddenly everyone (including you) were laughing hysterically?  It’s funny and memorable. DO IT.
Look at these happy white people
#Why though? It’s the ultimate icebreaker, and if he’s smart, he’ll be able to get closer to you and be the chivalrous man we all secretly want ;). Think about it. Now I’m not saying to fall face first into the ice rink purposely; that’s stupid. You want the atmosphere to be genuine. What a way to get to know who he is. Plus, what if he leaves you there on the floor, or laughs himself off to the point where he doesn’t’ even realize you’re uncomfortable (end the date STAT). It’s a great way to get to know someone because anything can happen.
3.Sporting events (Under 50.00) Tennis, Soccer, Baseball, Basketball) Again, I revert to Silvia’s Random Tip. Are you the type of girl who likes sports?  I’m not particularly good or interested in them, but its’ more about the social aspect of it.
#Why though?  UH…. why not? If the date sucks, you can enjoy the show. Or talk to your cute neighbor and go out on the next date with him/her lol !
4.Take a Class (Under 50.00) Deciding to take a class together is something new. New memories are always cherished, and who better to do them with than your date?
#Why though? Learning something new together creates excitement. Here, you both are complete idiots at whatever it is they are teaching. Go on, make a fool of yourself. Learn, laugh, live … like those stupid posters you read on the Wal-Mart home furniture section.
5. Picnic (Under 50.00) Now, this is one of my personal favorites and should only be reserved for a date that has been carefully planned out. Someone whom you have been speaking with frequently and are connecting with in some form or another.
Just bring cheap wine and smelly cheese dude.
#Why though?  It sounds like a fifth date idea, but there are exceptions. Let’s say you have been friends for a while and finally decided to take the leap into dating them! There is something so personal about making food for someone in particular. It’s made with careful consideration. With, (dare I say it) love. You don’t need to concoct a Julia Child’s menu, relax. It’s reserved for the first date with somebody you already know. Get me?
If they don’t.. well…what can I do? I’m just a poor blogger.

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