Book Review: Class With the Countess By Luann de Lesseps

Money can’t buy you class”…but wouldn’t you prefer to be a classless cow in a Rolls Royce and not in your old beaten up Sudan?  I wish God made me rich and classy instead of insanely good looking… *Sigh*

Welp, that’s what this book is for. Get you some class yo. And maybe aid you in a business venture you know, given that you’ve established your new presentable and classy self. With this book in your hand, you and your bestie can now act like the upper crust.

“Money can’t buy you class” her song is so freaken annoying and yet Countess LuAnn de Lesseps is right, it really can’t.

Why on earth would I follow the rules and tips of this reality New York Housewife? For one (by title) she is some sort of royalty. The Countess has the inside scoop regarding proper attire, dining faux pas, travel, and 411 royalty. She’s been on the inside.

  • I can’t believe I’m saying this, but it’s the truth. She knows what she’s talking about. UGH…

class-with-countessThe cover: I’d pick this book up simply because the cover looks so classy. The colors are cool. I like the idea of elegance and flair but, dude what’s flair?  Oh and her necklace reminds me of my tangled Christmas decorations stored in my linen closet.

Note to self: call Bertha, my cleaning lady to do the things I don’t want to.

What’s it about: The Countess really knows a lot of things I NEVER thought one should know. I had no idea there was an acceptable and particular way to introduce your friends. It has to do with gender, status, and if they’re a spouse or relative -etcetera. I normally go “Hey Joe, this is Tia. Tia, this is my brother from another mother Joe.” The Countess also tells you how to eat (if  you’re having a full course meal) -in a foreign country with kings, no really.  She explains to us mere peasants how one should dress and style. She pretty much tells you how to be a lady with “status”.


I’ve never been to a castle. She’s apparently been to TONS. After reading this, I feel like I’ve just dined with Prince Harry- no wait that’s the red head I lust after- I think I mean Prince William – the one with the pretty wife, yeah. Yeah, I mean him.. I feel great and slightly pretentious.

Read it if:  You are going to a very special event. An event so special you’re afraid to drink the water they serve because you might spill it on yourself, looking like a bulldog when it drinks. Here’s a brief list of what this book helps you with:

giphy (1).gif

  • Address Aristocrats in order of importance
  • Wardrobe essentials
  • Facials/beauty/spa
  • Being provocative
  • How to eat
  • Paying the bill
  • Entertaining guests and setting up lodging for them (my friends usually sleep on my couch, so…there’s that)
  • Where to find a good man (ooh bitch, where?)
  • Rangling annoying children
  • Dealing with “the help”

Is it funny: Not really. It does talk about who she is more or less which is nice. You get to know her better but also, how her experiences shaped her to become a classy Countess. As a T.V. personality, she’s ridiculous. But try and remember that she wasn’t just some regular old girl from Queens (like meself, eh?). LuAnn’s rubbed elbows with people of status, toured many places and speaks from experience.

Do I recommend it:*Rolls eyes* I do. She’ll teach you something trust me. After all, that’s what reading is all about right? As my favorite person once said, “Everyone you will ever meet knows something you don’t.” – Bill Nye


giphy (2).gif
My hero Bill Nye ❤



Cheers! Let me know if you do read it.

Silvia Campos


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