Book Review: Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man -Steve Harvey

Sweet Baby Jesus.. this book had my sister and I spewing our drinks out from our nostrils. If I could explain to you how the read was for this book, it goes a little something like this.

Pretend that you and your best friend are sitting in a therapist’s office waiting for them to enter the room. BAM…in walks Steve Harvey, with a mic and MASSIVE **excellent** advice.


The cover: Love it, makes me want to go to church. But also makes me want to ask for his dentist’s phone number. *See book cover*

What’s it about: Love and dating advice.  How to be treated like a lady and not a shag shag. He answers some questions women have asked him, and thoughts I’m sure we all have had. Harvey points out the things we don’t think about, such as what a man wants (It’s not all about you, ya know).

Read it if: Read it if you keep banging your head against the wall, and from f*** boys. He fills this book with examples, questions we all think about, and personal stories. He even throws in a few comedy lines. This book truly does make you believe that happiness and a good relationship can happen.

Is it funny: There is a reason he is one of the Kings of Comedy, the guy’s hysterical.  I can hear him as I read it, which is super-savvy marketing. The funny stories on the side make the book a fantastic read. I finished this book in a matter of hours. It was that good. I couldn’t put it down.

Do I recommend it: Harvey knows methods, he’s not wrong. Not even a little. Read it.


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