Book Review: The Sell: The Secrets of Selling Anything to Anyone – by Fredrik Eklund

It was OKAY…

Alright, before you get the ax and beat me to death with it hear me out. Fredrik Eklund is awesome as a TV personality, and obviously a realtor. Now with that being said, as a writer…eh…maybe not. I found his book thoughtful, with some nice hints on how to post on your Instagram(time stamp wise) and using social media as a platform to connect with others outside of your network.

The cover: I need to buy denim everything, is what this screams to me. A nice tan and hair gel too. Nice cover, very nice.


Read it if: You just want to read a book and feel superior because you read this summer.

What’s it about: It’s a business like book, advising you how to sell “anything” to “anyone”. What didn’t mesh well with me was that I found it a little over indulgent. I really wanted to sell myself as an actor and writer, but I didn’t really grasp his concepts on the art of selling with this book. It was more about being cocky, confident and things of that nature.

Is it funny: No way man, good looking people are NEVER funny. Again, I love him to death. I love the personal struggle stories in this book along with the pick me up motivational speeches. However, it seemed more of a memoir I believe, rather than a strategic plan for the person wanting to learn the business of selling or shall I say the art form?

Do I recommend it: For a nice casual read, yeah sure. But for business ideas or advice, meh. Either way, I read it. It was enjoyable but not what I “paid” to read. (I picked it up at my local library, hence the quotes) At least he gave it a shot. Nice try Fredrik. Cheers.

Saving you more time to waste

-Silvia Campos


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