A New Yorker’s Advice on Body Odor

Ah, summer. Sundresses flowing in Central Park, fresh green grass being stomped on by aggressive children on leashes, and…atrocious body odor. My New Yorkers know this all too well. Six train anyone? Exactly.

giphy (3)

Commuter’s body odor (B.O.). Fear not ladies and gents, although we can’t always prevent this in everyone, we can somehow be part of the solution. This list is something college never taught me, however being a New Yorker has.

Here goes! Just be advised this is my own opinion and was not sponsored by any of the listings below.

1) Shower. Obviously. (I sponsor this comment).giphy (4)

2) In the event that you find yourself unable to do so… shame, shame (Game of Thrones fans) purchasing these should work. Baby wipes or moist towelettes. That way you can refresh your face, neck, and in case you need to use the loo your bum too.

giphy (5)

3) Travel sized baby powder, lavender or vanilla scent (genius). This invention is a godsend. You can chuck it in your purse and take it with you everywhere. If you’re like me and turn into a sweaty disgrace in 2.3 seconds, you need this. It can calm you down in the sweat department all while whipping up a light airy smell of your choosing. You can find them at your local pharmacy and sometimes if you’re lucky, at your dollar store!


4) Ice-ice baby. Yes, I’m serious. You want to keep your body temperature down. So stuff that protein shaker with ice cubes, no water. Eat it on your way to keep your body temperature cool and try not to choke on it (again, I’m serious).

giphy (6)

5) Don’t be cheap. Get yourself a quality deodorant, and know the difference between a deodorant and anti- perspirant. Deodorant: for your smelliness and antiperspirant: for your sweat. I need both. Otherwise, I’ll look like I’ve been super soaked with a water hose and an unkindly smell…

giphy (1)

6) Travel size mist (NOT PERFUME/COLOGNE) I emphasize this because covering your body odor with cologne and or perfume actually makes the scent mix with your personal body odor. A recipe for disaster! Go with a light, preferably clean scent rather than a sweet or musky smell. It should be effective.


7) Your mouth hygiene makes a difference. Bring a ton of water with you. Not only does it hydrate but it keeps your mouth from smelling like a sewage system from Jersey (I’m kidding). I love Jersey; I lived there for a year. If you like bring mints, gum, and a carry on toothbrush. It helps. Trust me.

giphy (7) (who the hell bends down like that for a drink of water? Susan from accounting doesn’t, that’s for sure. That was a joke, relax)

I love my city, and I love you for reading.  See you again soon with more New York life lessons. Besitos ❤

-Living it up in New York City

Silvia Campos


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