Book Review: The Secret by Rhonda Byrne

You know in college during finals week? You have limited hours to write a ten-page paper and it counts for a nice large chunk of your grade…? Okay.

Ladies and gentlemen… THIS IS THE BIG PILE OF SHIT, that you wrote in college the night before it’s all due…all nicely condensed in a neat little book…. (hence the lack of stars)

The cover: Looks pretty cool, I can’t lie. It’s captivating, for less than 20.00 USD, sure I want to know what the secret is…ugh.


What’s it about: Who in their right mind believes this garbage? Really Rhonda? Really? I’m going to sit on my FATASS ALL DAY… and I’m going to think positively for a handsome smart successful man, a nice career, and a fit body…

Read it if:  You like to be told lies. All of this, just by POSITIVE THINKING AND MENTAL VISUALIZATION. This sounds so much like an infomercial. Why?-Okay sure, that’s why those starving people in developing countries are poor and hungry as HELL…because they don’t think positively enough or envision it long enough. Riiight.

Is it funny: Yes, hell yes. Because it’s so full of bullshit.

Do I recommend it: – Read at your own will.  Hours of my life I will not get back. Thanks RHONDA.


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