Book Review: Act Like a Success, Think Like a Success by Steve Harvey

Photo Credit: Bing

What’s cookin’ good lookin’? I hope everyone is doing great this summer.  Silvia here, going to give you the run down tonight on this book (see title) so let’s get to it!

*This is a self-help book.. emphasis on SELF HELP.* Don’t expect a book to do the work for you. It should be used as a guide, a hint of inspiration or motivation*

It’s ironic. I love comedy in all it’s form. So much that I watch, read, write, and act in it as well but I was never a devoted Steve Harvey fan. Strange right? Not that I don’t like his work, I’ve just never given myself the time to study or watch it. *Shrugs* Anyway, about the book:

The cover: The colors resemble power/stability, and yet they feel a little too much. Regardless of this, Steve looks powerful, successful, and approachable. I’ll allow it.

Read it if: You have a great idea, a passion, a dream and are on the ledge. If you’re asking yourself what to do with your life but have a hunch. This book will help you leap into your dream- WITH A PLAN.

What’s it about: Steve provides research, personal relationship information, and materials so you can move forward with your vision. This isn’t some overpaid celebrity talking fluff. At least not in this book. He provides strategies such as the S.M.A.R.T. concept/system for your goals, vision board, questions that really do help .

Is it funny: Of course, there are some funny stories, but not really a book for shits and giggles. He provides stories of his own personal struggles which are always great and relatable. Beyond the worksheets, he includes information on family, health, money, mental states and such.

Do I recommend it: The ONE THING we didn’t agree upon, and that’s because of personal choice is GOD. I’m Agnostic, so I can’t really relate to this but I respect him for it and appreciate his spiritual honesty. Other than that this book is GOLD. Great job Steve I loved it!


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