I’m Known to Scratch Eyes Out: A Confession

Hey Breakers,

This happened last week at the Library. My sister and I were planning on doing some study group. She was going to be in school the whole day, and I had the day off from work (I work at the library part time ) and school but preferred going to brush up on some psychology. It’s more conventional and I am away from the fridge. Well on this particular day, the universe was not having it.

I had come into the library in shorts because it was supposed to be sunny and warm. instead it was sunny and windy. Painfully windy. I had my classic flats, black eyeglasses (I’m quite blind) a shirt, blue sweater, but it wasn’t enough. It was very cold. I arrived early and brought my lunch, a pathetic sad ham and cheese with light mayo on wheat bread (it was edible?). Anyway, as I waited there my sister lets call her “Keeks” texted me “where are you?” I told her I was on the fourth floor but there were not enough seats or plugs to charge our laptops while we worked, and to find someplace that did. She did just that. When I met with her, it was all the way down on the second floor and it was a swarm of students. Now, I’m not particularly claustrophobic. However the amount of student body that surrounded me make me feel like I could pretty much taste their sweat as I walked past everyone GROSS….

I was a bit annoyed and I told her “I could of stayed upstairs for this”, she gave me an eyeball and we had a small spat. For some odd reason, it was one of those days where I didn’t feel like taking shit from anyone, not even my younger, innocent little dove Keeks. I saw her stupid face (the one she gives you when she’s annoyed with your mere presence) and it enraged the hell out of me. I asked her “What’s your problem??” She gave me some sass and I retreated back to the fourth floor to my old desk area. I went to the bathroom for a pit stop and she waited for me outside. We talked and I laid it on her… I told her “I’m not dealing with this today, you are getting on my last nerve and this week you have been fucking up with me LEFT & RIGHT, you need to stop before you make things worse, why that stupid face, your not stupid?” And we just left it on a cliffhanger. It was ugly.

That’s not the juicy part. It was as if that day it was pick on Silvia day….

As I looked for another table with a plug (I’m walking past many people).. I was stomping like a rhino from the rage, from Keeks’ “stupid face”. I  wasn’t even actively looking for a table, I was just blowing off steam. Then, out of nowhere I hear a girl mutter under her breath (as I walked away from her mind you) “Why the hell is she wearing shorts?”…

You guys… no, she did not. This cow, did not just attack me behind my back.

I said to my brain “Brain, let it go. We have work to do. It listened. BUT…. my body?…..shit.

It’s so strange. My body didn’t want to listen, it was so pissed from the argument with Keeks, that it stopped me. It stopped me dead in my tracks. I turned around (my upper body and my head straight to her)...


Photo Credit Variety


“We got business motherfucker?”……….. (said my body language)*GASP*

It was the most intense experience ever. Probably because I waited .. I stood there, looked at her and waited for her to say something else, or say anything to me. This is not who I am, I don’t engage in petty crap. It’s a waste of time. But I think my body just really wanted to get all of the frustration out of me, and it saw an opportunity to do it to a perfect stranger.. Have you ever felt this? Comment below and let me know. Keeks and I are cool now. I just felt as if I had an out of body experience. It was primal, I felt alive, and scared at the same time… weird.

Anyway, that’s why I no longer wear shorts in 40-degree weather. I might end up cutting a bitch….



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